Summer Healthy Hair Care Tips for Natural and Textured Hair Types

Hi Everyone! Summer is finally here! I want to share with you my top healthy hair tips to make sure your hair looks fabulous in the summer sun!

Wash your Hair Every 7-10 days

Wash your hair once every 7-10 days, 10 days is ideal if you can manage. Thicker hair textures tend to have fewer hair follicles actually growing on the head than there would be if your hair was less textured. 

Because of the extra texture on your head, it’s best to not strip away those healthy natural oils too quickly. Thicker hair textures also tend to produce natural oils a bit more slowly. Washing your hair too often can cause dry hair, breakage, and difficulty maintaining healthy hairstyles.

Protective Hair Styling

Protective styling, when done right, is extremely beneficial to curly hair as well. When black women want to take the best care of their manes as possible, they are often recommended to try protective styling. Protective styling is essentially just putting the hair away in different hairstyles for an extended period of time.

During this process, you should pay special attention to protecting the ends of the hair because these are the oldest parts of the hair strand. This helps often because thicker hair textures have a more difficult time dispersing natural oils from the scalp to the ends of the hair. So by protecting the ends more often than usual, it helps prevent as much breakage or damage over time.

In order to be sure you are taking proper care of your hair, however, you need to keep in mind that coily and curly hair can be fragile. You have to be careful what types of hairstyles you are installing for longer periods of time. Hairstyles that pull consistently in the same spot on your head can strain your hair follicles and cause them to break at the stress point. This is what might be happening if you are noticing excess breakage, struggling to grow longer hair, or even if your scalp seems more bothered.