Every client has various hair needs lengths. With a multitude of textures, most shaping’s are increment of inches.

I charge for my expertise, knowledge, mastery of ALL hair textures, especially curly hair.

Most important is my ability to give you what you want and need to support and maintain your hair health and journey. The science of haircutting is geometry and weight distribution, promoting healthy growth and style even if it’s a 1/16 of an inch straight line, which is a growing shape.
  • • What conditions is my hair in now?

  • • How will the color affect the condition of my hair after the service?

  • • What is my commitment to the upkeep of my color service?​

  • • How often will I have to have the color redone?​

  • • What are the best products for my color-treated hair to keep it in the best condition?​

  • • What is home care maintenance for my new color-treated hair?​

To reserve your appointment, you can use debit, credit, or Paypal.

  • • High Lights
  • • Low Lights
  • • Chunks
  • • Streaks
  • • Tone on tone, color
  • • Gray coverage
  • • Bi-Level
  • • All over coverage
  • • 2 more shades lighter or darker

Service List





3 Deep Herb Conditioners

Time: 1 hour each


3 hair cuts

Time: 1 hour each

(Expire after 7 months is design for every 8 maintenance) 

2 haircut & 2nd phase texturizer

Time: 1 hour per service


2 color & 2 haircuts

Time: 1 hour 30 minute per service



Consultation required

  •  smooth or straight look
  • hair NEVER treated or has
    not be treated in 13wks

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes 


Choice of set of flat iron finishing.

Time: 2 hours 


NEVER have restructured curl pattern or over 11wks of treatment

Time: 1 hour 


Previous restructured curl pattern within 8-10wks

Time: 1 hour


Consultation required

  • Gives body and texture to hair types 1 & 2 abc
  • Wave Nuveo on hair type 3 and 4 abc

Time: 1 hour 30min


Body Wave Half Head for hair types 1 and 2 only abc

Time: 1 hour 30 min.



  • For hair that is relaxed or perviously relaxed.
  • If  hair is natural texture 3 or 4 and has never been straighten schedule a press and curl instead

Time: 1 hour


Results vary depending on hair texture

Time: 1 hour


Head Design Logo

Welcome to Head Design

I start all of my new clients with 25 min. Consultation so that I can get to know your personal hair care needs. Before scheduling appointments.

It’s a no-pressure way to talk freely about your hair and what you like to have done.

I look forward to meeting you!

COVID - 19 Next Steps

Hello everybody, as we know, the Delta variant is really running rampant, and with that, the mask mandates have been reissued. 

In the salon, I’ve been exercising the option of vaccinated clients to wear a 😷  or not during service. Unvaccinated clients or clients who prefer not to say WILL NEED TO   wear their masks during service. 

The salon has a ventilation system that brings fresh air in and takes the air out, and I also leave the door open for extra ventilation.

Let’s BEAT this virus  TOGETHER!