Scalp Serum 

Head Designs Scalp Serum

Our new product line Scalp Serum was created using systems and products that are built to support your hair and scalp by combining natural herbs with an aloe vera base. This combination will enhance the healing and medicinal properties in the serum. This serum is great for all hair types as its hydrating properties support healthy scalp and hair.

Any of the products in our Head Designs line can be used in combination with anything in the product line. 

Scalp Serum is designed to heal and soothe your scalp

This scalp serum focuses on scalp health and its healing and soothing properties can be used on all hair types. In addition to the aloe vera base, this serum features European larch, Baikal skullcap root extract, Zinc chloride, Arginine amino acid, and Lactobacillus for a healthy scalp.

European larch wood extract benefits for scalp

This wood extract is a natural humectant and draws moisture into the scalp, encouraging hair growth while conditioning the scalp. Larch wood extract contains polyphenosl which helps activate and stimulate hair follicles to further encourage hair growth. Due to the stimulating properties, larch wood extract is great for helping those who are dealing with hair loss. 

Baikal skullcap root benefits for scalp

This extract contains essential nutrients and antioxidants thanks to a flavoid called Biacalin. Baikal skullcap root extract has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as an antibacterial agent as it stimulates the roots and improves circulation in the scalp. It is popular to reduce inflammation,swelling, and hair loss as it also is known to block DHT. 

Zinc chloride benefits for scalp

Zinc is very soothing for the skin and scalp. It is anti-inflammatory and helps with fungal issues by reducing the buildup on your scalp while clearing out your hair follicles. The soothing properties Zinc has is great for anyone suffering with dandruff on their scalp. Zinc is also cooling when applied to your scalp and can be beneficial for anyone who is suffering with hair loss issues as it calms down redness and irritation. Due to its anti-fungal properties, Zinc prevents odor on your scalp by getting rid of bacteria on your scalp. 

Arginine amino acid benefits for scalp

Arginine amino acid is stimulating for the scalp by improving circulation. These stimulating properties help encourage hair growth. When combined with other ingredients that contain proteins, arginine can be beneficial for treating split ends in your hair as well. Arginine is also very moisturizing and conditioning for your hair and scalp, making it a common ingredientin many different types of hair creams and serums. This amino acid also has antioxidant properties which help fight free radical damage in your hair, which can lead to your hair being dry or damaged. It can help keep you hair and scalp moisturized because it is a humectant as well as being known for boosting collagen production. 

Lactobacillus benefits for scalp

Lactobacillus is a probiotic. Probiotics are live microorganisms that keep your body healthy and are usually found in fermented foods like yogurt. Lactobacilli are known to strengthen the skin microbiome and help relieve an itchy scalp. Probiotics can help soothe irritation in the scalp as well as treat hair loss by combating inflammation. This leaves the scalp feeling restored and balanced.