My Story: I had a heart attack

My Story and why it is extremely important to listen to your body

Hello Head Designs friends and Family:

I also wanted to share with you that on July 7th I had a life-changing health issue that was awakening. Which has really given me a greater appreciation for listening to my body as well as my intuition and prayer. I reflected and questioned everything I thought I knew about a heart attack or what it would be like. It was not accurate at all!

I was traveling home on July 6th on my way trying to catch my connecting flight from Dallas my connecting flight was 45 minutes late getting to Las Vegas. I decided that I’d better try to run to get the flight to Oakland. When I started running I felt like my feet were being pulled out of the quicksand and I was very winded. The 1st thing I thought was “Girl you’re really out of shape! you got to do something when you get home.” I almost waved off the Southwest representative like I

can’t make it. Then a voice is clear as I am sharing with you said “NO you have to be on that flight!”

 When I finally got to the gate I joked with the gate attendant: “Whew.. Southwest you guys are going to give me a heart attack with these late connecting flights!” Then I said, “Wow I am breathing so heavily I feel like I’m having a heart attack!”

The Attendant asked me if I was OK and I laughed as I tried to catch my breath saying “I’ll be fine once I sit down and have a glass of water”.

 When I got on the plane I was just too weak to even put my bag over in the overhead compartment so I asked the steward if he would put it up there which he did and then I sat down. I was still winded but it started to subside I finally got some water out of the water I was a little better. I just figured I was just tired from my trip so I took the flight from Las Vegas to Oakland. 

When I got home I took a Lyft ride home and when I got in my house that same voice told me to take 2 aspirin which initially I could not find. I was so tired I decided I would just lie down. When I laid down I was extremely winded. That voice again said get up and find the aspirin. I looked all over and I found the aspirin. I took 2 aspirin with hot water. At this time now I am really listening to my body. I’m paying attention to everything and after about 15 minutes of observing my body, I realized something is really wrong. Now it’s1:30 in the morning. I decided that I should call a friend and ask her to take me to the hospital. We ended up going to the Summit Hospital and they took me in right away they did all of the testings. I had just an incredible group of healing angels and after about 2 hours or more of testing and about 4 or 5 EKGs later they diagnosed me and told me that I had a heart attack! To say the least I was completely in shock! A heart attack! So was my friend.

I really feel fortunate that I had the opportunity to listen to my body and then take action. I was then admitted into the hospital on July 7th and the following afternoon July 8th they gave me an echocardiogram. They told me that at that time if they found any blockage or anything like that they would take immediate action. When they went in with the procedure the wonderful benefit was that they did not find any blockage I did have any kind of plaque or build-up in my arteries the doctor even told me that my arteries were unusually clear and they didn’t know what caused the heart attack. Whatever had caused it had broken up and moved and moved on thank goodness. I was released from the hospital July 9th with a plan.

I will be receiving 3 months of cardio rehab 3 times a week Monday Wednesday and Friday As well as some dietary changes. My Friday’s schedule will be 3pm-8pm for the next 3 months starting on August 25th

I’m sharing this story to say I feel so blessed and so appreciative that I am still here and able to share this story. I want to really encourage each one of you too really listen to what your body is trying to say to you . This was such an awakening on so many levels. level I feel like I staved off major health devastation and that I used one of my 9 lives and I’m not going to let it go to waste I’m going to get myself healthy. I’m going to do what I need to do to make that happen. I plan to be here. To live a full and joyous life doing what I love to do. hair is one of my passions. That is why I have been doing it for over 40 plus years and I have no regrets I plan to continue my journey and not take anything for granted.

 I’m sharing this link…/warni…/heart-attack-symptoms-in-women

I want women to really look at how heart attacks show up for us. I was thinking it would be like an elephant on my chest with pains shooting down my arms and none of that happened. What we think we know about how a heart attack shows up in most cases it is not what we think.

I want to really share with you my gratitude for being here and being able to share with you my health story and to continue servicing you in whatever capacity I have serviced you, and if I’m not servicing you right now that’s fine too. I still would like for you to know what signs to look for. Many blessings to all!