February 7th, 2021

Head Talk

"10 foods that will love your hair and scalp"​

A time to come together as a community and talk about hair, health, and self-care.
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Featuring Chef Angela Bryant-Taylor,  from “Deliciousness in Your Mouth.”  

Chef Angela has invited us into her kitchen as she shares her insights and recipes of 10 foods that will love your hair and scalp.


February 7th, 2021


12:00 pm – 1:30 pm


Online Zoom 


Registration closes February 6th 12:00 pm
A Zoom link will be emailed to you 24 hours before the meeting.

Guest Information

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I start all of my new clients with 30 min. Consultation so that I can get to know your personal hair care needs. Before scheduling appointments.

It’s a no-pressure way to talk freely about your hair and what you like to have done.

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COVID - 19 Next Steps

Hello everybody, as we know, the Delta variant is really running rampant, and with that, the mask mandates have been reissued. 

In the salon, I’ve been exercising the option of vaccinated clients to wear a 😷  or not during service. Unvaccinated clients or clients who prefer not to say WILL NEED TO   wear their masks during service. 

The salon has a ventilation system that brings fresh air in and takes the air out, and I also leave the door open for extra ventilation.

Let’s BEAT this virus  TOGETHER!