For The Love of Black Women and Their Hair

It feels as though black women are still explaining that it is not a miracle to have different hair lengths and styles. In fact, it’s not unusual for black women to have long hair, especially long natural hair. Between wigs, sew-ins, box braids, and dread locs, most hairstyles like these cannot be done unless there […]

Autoimmune Disorders and Hair Loss

Growing your hair out can become difficult when combating autoimmune disorders that attack from the inside. While all women are susceptible to autoimmune disorders, these conditions are seen to be more prevalent and have been found to be prominent in African American women. Your immune system does play a large role in how well your […]

Summer Healthy Hair Care Tips for Natural and Textured Hair Types

Hi Everyone! Summer is finally here! I want to share with you my top healthy hair tips to make sure your hair looks fabulous in the summer sun! Wash your Hair Every 7-10 days Wash your hair once every 7-10 days, 10 days is ideal if you can manage. Thicker hair textures tend to have […]

3 Tips for Hair Growth in Black Women

Hair care tips

Introduction Black women’s hair tends to have fine strands that wrap up into thick, kinky, or coily hair. All this texture can be overwhelming at times, but the reward for maintaining healthy hair habits is huge. Black women have unique hair textures that completely debunk the myth that black women struggle to grow long, healthy […]

Help! My hair is sheltered in place

Greetings to all of you, my beautiful customers, and welcome to my first blog! I’ll be posting regularly with all sorts of information, like haircare tips, new products, upcoming webinars for a limited number of participants… or just to check in and share my thoughts with you.