3 Tips for Hair Growth in Black Women

Hair care tips


Black women’s hair tends to have fine strands that wrap up into thick, kinky, or coily hair. All this texture can be overwhelming at times, but the reward for maintaining healthy hair habits is huge. Black women have unique hair textures that completely debunk the myth that black women struggle to grow long, healthy hair when paid the proper attention.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are potent extracts from plants like lavender and peppermint, taken out through a special distillation process. They are often very concentrated and best used with another product or carrier oil like coconut oil. If you are working with adding moisture to your hair throughout the week or while your hair is styled, one of the best ways is by adding oil to your hair. Essential oils are also often found infused in other hair products, so it’s nice to watch them on the ingredients list.

Try Out Herbal Hair Teas!

Like the ones found at Herbal Hair Teas, hair tea washes offer wonderful cleansing and healing properties for your hair. These herbal hair teas are infused with many essential oils that offer different properties. These benefits include increasing blood circulation in the scalp, naturally soothing irritations or inflammation, and hair detoxing abilities. Depending on your hair needs, there is definitely an Herbal hair tea available for your benefit.

Moisturize, Then Moisturize Some More!

This last tip cannot be emphasized enough. Black women tend to have more coarse hair, but you will find the finest hair strands on the hair spectrum beneath all that texture. This means that moisture has a hard time traveling through the texture of your hair, and each hair strand struggles to absorb the moisture individually. Because of this, co-washing, and all forms of conditioning, are your best friends. The more time you spend encouraging moisture into your hair, the healthier and stronger your hair will be.


If you want to maintain healthy hair, you need to invest in healthy habits. Give your hair an Herbal Tea bath every once in a while. Make sure to expose your coils to lots of essential oils and other forms of moisturization. These habits will leave you with strong, elastic hair that is less prone to breakage and easier to work with. I can help you achieve your hair goals. Book an appointment with me for a deep steam Herbal Hair ea treatment!